About The Administration



Administration Overview


      The Administration is affiliated to the University Vice-President for Development and is primarily concerned with planning, organizing and developing the cultural relations between KAU and other Saudi, Arab and International Universities. In addition it is also cooperating with Research Centers participating in cultural and educational exhibitions and in furthering the goals of the university's international cooperation for the realization of mutual academic agreements with reputable universities Also the Administration follows up the process of acquiring innovation awards by KAU academic faculty.


Administration Objectives


1-        Contributing, through cultural relations, in the realization of implementing the university's vision, mission and objectives so as to remain in the forefront with international reputable universities in all educational and research fields.


2-        Promoting the standards of participation in cultural weeks and international exhibitions.


3-        Preparing an annual plan for participation in exhibitions.

4-        Consolidating contacts and cultural relations between KAU and other universities through active joint participations in scientific and cultural committees.


5-        Reviving and activating mutual agreements and joint scientific and cultural cooperation between KAU and other universities as well as setting plans for various fields of cooperation and renewing mutual agreements.


6-        Setting plans for mutual cooperation and establishing regional and international links to benefit from world experiences and to enrich their efforts with KAU distinguished contributions.


7-        Activating and following-up joint committees recommendations and reviewing joint cooperation agreements between the kingdom of Saudi Arabia and other countries in related fields of cooperation.


8-        Active participation in competitions for scientific awards and certified patents.


Administration functions


1-        Finding basic elements needed for fulfilling the administration objectives.


2-        Setting a clear and definite mechanism for activation and follow-up of effective benefits for cooperation aspects in cultural fields between KAU and international universities as per official agreements.


3-        Constituting aided mechanisms that would ensure effective quality and excellence in participation of local and international exhibitions.


4-        Setting an annual plan for KAU participation in international book exhibitions.


5-        Activating and utilizing annual programs and training opportunities availed for KAU from international organizations and world universities and following up necessary recommendations for effective participation.


6-        Coordinating visit exchanges between KAU and various other universities and inviting specialists and outstanding academics to visit KAU. Furthermore, exchanging publications and scientific output of KAU faculty members with other universities.


7-        Establishing a comprehensive data base incorporating a wide range of information on all aspects that KAU wishes to implement and record with other universities.


8-        Participating in world scientific competitions and setting necessary recommendations for innovation awards both internally and outside the Kingdom.


9-        Activating, encouraging and following up academic staff contributions at KAU for purposes of obtaining scientific prizes, awards and certified patents.


10-   Initiating and preparing KAU participation in cultural and scientific activities.


General plan for the Administration


1-        Setting basic requirements and strategic plans for the administration.


2-        Evaluating the current KAU status for its participation in foreign activities relating to cultural weeks, book exhibitions, scientific seminars and promoting its development and presenting a written report on the issue.


3-        Tabulating KAU local and international participations as per KAU invitations.


4-        Holding regular meetings with Faculties and Deanships and University Centers for purposes of  encouragement for active participation in cultural weeks.


5-        Initiating contacts and internal and external communications, on parallel terms, to arrange for KAU participation in scientific and cultural activities.


6-        Composing an annual report on KAU participation in the field of cooperation and cultural exchanges with other universities.


7-        Formulating an infrastructure and comprehensive data base for book exhibitions, mutual agreements KAU participations, scientific awards and certified patents.


8-        Strategic planning and intelligent database on KAU participations to reflect the university's outstanding role.




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