Cultural Relations

University agreements with universities in Spain

Field of Cooperation

Type of Agreement


Exchanging Faculty - joint Research - Two professors per semester - Setting up post- graduate Double degree programs - Setting up joint Ph.D and Doctorate thesis supervision - Setting up academic plans for the institute of Tourism at KAU. Enhancing the Institute through experiences of Spanish Professors.

Service Contract between KAU Universidad de granda.


Joint academic , Scientific and Cultural Cooperation - in Arabic Studies and Spanish Studies - Exchanging research and teaching staff - Supporting Faculty of Arts Activities in the field of Spanish Language – Faculty of Arts at KAU helps in establishing an Arabic Language Centre for teaching Arabic for Spanish Students - Exchanging  research investigators in Arabic and Spanish Languages. Consideration of budget limitations.

Agreement between KAU and the Complutense University of Madrid.


Cooperation in the Field of Economics and Finance – Establishing a joint program in  Islamic Economics and Finance of MBA – Cooperation in holding a Seminar on Islamic Economics for Experts in Jeddah and Madrid on Significant Contemporary topics pertaining to Islamic Economics and Finances – Establishing a common research Unit in Islamic Economics and Finances.

Service Contract between KAU and IE University in Madrid.


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